Video Exposure

We put your brand in motion

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The storytelling roadmap that gives value to your project

All video projects start here. A narrative script that gives direction on the ideas to communicate, the visual sequence and the emotional tone of the piece.

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Motion Graphics

Give Dynamism to your ideas.

Videos can be enhanced with several graphic elements that can be used to give personality and differentiation your brand. We go beyond static elements to accomplish a kinetic visual aesthetic. We animate logos, animate copy in 2D and give a general sense of exciting motion to your brand.

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The rigorous process of giving sense and order to visual elements.

Post-production is the process of editing and manipulating the visual elements selected and approved by the technical script. We gather all these clips and organize the visual narrative with the help of messages, music, photos, animation and transitions in a successful manner. Creating timeless and beautiful videos that share the essence of your brand.

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Music And Clips

Give a soundscape to the visual world of your company.

We can clear samples of aural elements that go along with the sound needs of your brand. Curation work is included in every project, which assures a royalty-free sound for your videos.

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